Milk, Cream, Creme Fraiche and Yoghurt for delivery into Kent & East Sussex.

Hinxden Farm Dairy produce a full range of nutritious natural milk delivered and supplied in either glass or plastic bottles, as well as delicious Single, Double and Whipping Cream. Our range of tasty Yoghurts come in a variety of flavours including Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry

Skimmed Milk

Fresh Milk from the Hinxden Farm Dairy from which almost all of the cream has been removed resulting in less than 0.1% fat content. Skimmed Milk is recognised by the Blue/Silver Check Bottle Top.

Semi-Skimmed Milk

Our Semi-Skimmed Milk with it's Red and Silver striped bottle top has had a little over half the cream removed with an average fat content of just 1.5% fat.

Whole Milk

The cream content of a Whole Milk naturally varies as nothing is taken out but averages around 3.8%. Supplied in bottles with the standard Silver top.

Channel Island Gold Top

Our Channel Island Gold Top Milk from our Guernsey herd contains and average of 4.8% fat.

Single, Double & Whipping Cream

Hinxden Farm Dairy Cream for any occassion

Creme Fraiche & Yogurt

Our Creme Fraiche and range of Yoghurts are popular with home deliveries and our wholesale customers.